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Astral Projection
Astral projection, or out of body experience as you might have heard it called is an interesting paranormal activity that has been experienced since ancient times.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
Extra Sensory Perception or ESP is the ability to get information in a paranormal manner. None of the physical sense that we are familiar with - smell, sight, hearing are involved.

Famous Hauntings
Many towns have them, that old boarded up house that has been empty for years and is reputed to be haunted. It’s a nightmare of every kid to be challenged to go into the towns haunted house.

Paranormal Activity
Hearing voices when no one is there, seeing bright ghostly orbs, finding your stuff moved around - these are all examples of paranormal activity and they happen to people every day.

Paranormal Phenomenon
Paranormal Phenomenon are occurances that are physically impossible given our current scientific knowledge.

Paranormal Sightings
From ghosts to faries to UFO’s, we’ve all heard plenty of stories of paranormal sightings to spook and entertain us. But are they real or just legend?

If you have a poltergeist, you might hear footsteps when no one is there, hear knocking, experience objects shaking and find your favorite things go missing only to appear in their usual place later on.

Spirits and Ghosts
Spirits and ghosts, you might think they are the same thing, but there are actually subtle differences between the two.

The Supernatural
From the Latin super meaning “above” and “nature” these are often things that are “above nature” or can’t be explained by the laws of nature as we know it.