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Here you will find everything you wanted to know about the supernatural and paranormal activity! While it may sound scary to some, supernatural events have surrounded man since the beginning of time and there have been many psychics and telepathic people throughout history. Nostradamus was one and there are other accounts of ghost sightings and astral travel that date back to the Egyptians.

In fact, there has been so much supernatural activity over the ages that it almost seems natural! And many argue that it is. Ghosts, poltergeists, clairvoyance, ESP, it’s all part of what we are - energy.

But the word supernatural means things that cannot be explained by nature or science as we know it. But simply because we cannot explain it does not mean that something does not exist. If you consider that we probably don’t know “everything” yet, you might believe that someday supernatural and paranormal activity will be explained and become accepted as “normal”. In fact, throughout history, there have been many things that science could not explain that were later given scientific explanation as science advanced, so you see, things that might once have been considered mystical or supernatural are now “natural”.

Almost everyone has heard a ghost story, and maybe some of you have even seen or heard a ghost, yet there are many people who are skeptical about ghosts. There are even many groups who will go out to a haunted place and “record” paranormal activity with cameras, infrared and other equipment used to gauge the presence of spirits. While many skeptics will explain these recordings away as fake or due to something else, does that mean they are not true?

From the ghost of an old farm hand that haunts a Toys R Us in California to the fun loving ghost that stops people in their cars trying to give them a glass of beer, hauntings have been the basis of children’s nightmares for centuries. But not all ghosts are to be feared and some people say we have spirits all around us to help and guide us throughout our whole life - angels if you will.

Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of education to make the unkown less scary so sit back and read through our articles and let us guide you on your trip into the world of the supernatural!